Heat Spreaders

IPP’s Cool Chip is designed to draw heat from one location that is too hot and move it to a different location that can absorb the heat. These devices are manufactured on a highly thermally conductive ceramic substrate that is electrically isolated and safe to use. The Aluminum Nitride substrate has a thermal conductivity of 170 W/mK.

The terminals are gold-plated over nickel, making them easy to solder with many different alloy types. These devices are ideal for small, compact areas with high heat concentrations, intended for both military and commercial applications. Cool Chips are made in the USA with the same high quality that IPP is known for.

View Technical Data Sheet with test results.

APPLICATIONS: PIN and Laser Diodes, RF Amplifiers, Capacitors, Transistors, Power Supplies, Filters, Resistors

Additional information on each product is available by selecting the part number to view the product details or clicking on the datasheet icon to open the PDF drawing. To search for data anywhere in the chart, use the search box on the right. Click on the up and down arrows in the header to sort by that column.

Part NumberView PDF DatasheetLength: inches (mm)Width: inches (mm)Depth: inches (mm)Thermal Resistance (W/°C)Capacitance Series (pF)Capacitance Shunt (pF)
IPP-CCN0805-400.080 (2.032)0.050 (1.270)0.020 (0.508)9.26< 0.10< 0.10
IPP-CCN0805-40N0.080 (2.032)0.050 (1.270)0.020 (0.508)13.9< 0.10< 0.10
IPP-CCN1206-400.120 (3.048)0.060 (1.524)0.025 (0.635)11.58< 0.10< 0.10
IPP-CCN1206-40N0.120 (3.048)0.060 (1.524)0.025 (0.635)14.67< 0.10< 0.10
IPP-CCN1010-400.100 (2.540)0.100 (2.540)0.020 (0.508)5.8< 0.10< 0.15
IPP-CCN1010-40N0.100 (2.540)0.100 (2.540)0.020 (0.508)9.26< 0.10< 0.15

This chart is a sampling of our most common products, not a complete listing, contact us for products with other specifications. Electrical and Mechanical Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current availability.

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