Connectorized RF Terminations

Important Information: Discontinuation of BeO Products

rb_0001_term_coaxialIPP connectorized RF terminations are designed to be screwed down to a heat sink for conduction cooling. Depending upon the power these connectorized directional couplers are available with SMA or N connectors. Other connector options available upon request. Frequency ranges are available from DC to 6 GHz. with power levels from 30 Watt to 800 Watts.

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(GHz, Max)
IPP-TB301-5030DC – 4.2501.25:1SMA0.50 x 1.00
IPP-TB302-5050DC – 6.0501.25:1SMA0.96 x 1.38
IPP-TB303-50100DC – 6.0501.25:1SMA0.96 x 1.38
IPP-TB304-50150DC – 3.0501.30:1SMA1.63 x 2.00
IPP-TB305-50300DC – 3.0501.30:1N1.63 x 2.00
IPP-TB306-50500DC – 1.2501.25:1N1.63 x 2.00
IPP-TB307-50800DC – 0.5501.50:1N1.97 x 3.66

This chart is a sampling of our most common products, not a complete listing, contact us for products with other specifications.  Electrical and Mechanical Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current availability.

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