RF Feedback Resistors for Solid-State Amplifiers

IPP’s line of Feedback Resistors are designed to support wideband RF/Microwave solid-state transistor power amplifiers, which require resistive feedback. Using negative resistive feedback is a simple way to improve transistor amplifier stability and frequency gain sloping.

These feedback resistors are flange mounted and designed to fit directly over the RF/microwave transistor using the same mounting holes as the transistor. This mounting configuration utilizes normally unused space above the transistor without taking up valuable PCB area adjacent to the transistor. This also decreases parasitic inductance associated with resistor leads by providing the shortest lead length possible between the transistor input and output. The short lead length and corresponding lower inductance allow for higher frequency operation.

Our feedback resistors are constructed using nickel-plated aluminum flanges with BeO or AlN ceramic resistors, providing excellent thermal conductivity and low parasitic capacitance. Flange styles are designed with mounting holes to match up with many popular transistor footprints. Feedback resistors are available with or without DC blocking capacitors. Resistor values, power levels and capacitor values can be customized as required to match various applications.

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IPP is a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries, and offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 12 GHz. Our RF Resistors, Terminations and 90 degree Drop-in Hybrid Couplers are RoHS compliant.