IPP’s line of RF / Microwave Terminations offer a compact, high power, high frequency solution for the most demanding applications. Choose from Flanged, Flangeless, or Connectorized RF Terminations. IPP terminations are constructed on copper flanges and Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic which provides a very low thermal resistance and excellent VSWR at higher frequencies. Standard Termination values are 50 ohms with power levels from 30 Watts to 650 Watts. These products are available with a connector, bolt-down flange and solder down packages with a silver contact tab. Standard Termination values are 50 ohms.

Please contact the factory for other resistor values, power levels or custom configurations.

Additional information on each product is available by selecting the part number to view the PDF drawing. You can request a sample of a product listed on the chart by submitting a request sample form. Innovative Power Products RF Resistors, RF Terminations and 90 degree Hybrid Drop-In Couplers are RoHS compliant.

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