Hybrid Couplers from 2.5 – 6.0 GHz

New Surface Mount 90 degree Hybrid Couplers from 2.5 to 6.0 GHz.

Innovative Power Products introduces their Model IPP-7004, 3dB, surface mount 90 degree hybrid couplers and their IPP-8001, 20 dB, Surface Mount Directional Coupler. Both of these couplers operate from 2.5 – 6.0 GHz.

The IPP-7004 will combine two signals up to 100 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler is produced in a Surface Mount (SMD) package size of 0.560 x 0.20 x 0.10 inch. Insertion Loss is less than 0.30 dB, Amplitude Balance is less than ± 0.75 dB, Phase Balance is less than +/-5 degrees, VSWR is less than 1.30:1 and greater than 18 dB of isolation.

The IPP-8001 is typically used for monitoring either forward or reflected power from your amplifier to the antenna while keeping the Insertion Loss at less than 0.25 dB. The Coupling Value is 20 dB +/- 1.0dB with VSWR < 1.30:1 and Directivity greater than 20 dB. The IPP-8001 is also produced in a Surface Mount (SMD) package size of 0.560 x 0.35 x 0.10 inch.

RoHS compliant devices available.

Delivery: Stock to 4 weeks. For pricing or additional information, please contact the Sales Department at 631-563-0088, or email us at sales@innovativepp.com.

IPP-7004 Outline Drawing

View the IPP-7004 Outline Drawing in pdf format

Typical Test Data for IPP-7004

View Typical Test Data for IPP-7004 in pdf format

 IPP-8001 Outline Drawing

View the IPP-8001 Outline Drawing in pdf format

Typical Test Data for IPP-8001

View Typical Test Data for IPP-8001 in pdf format

Our 90 Degree Coupler Line offers low insertion loss, low VSWR and high power capability in a small package. These products are available in narrow and broadband bandwidths making them ideal for power amplifier applications. Frequency Range is from 30 MHz to 6.0 GHz. in power levels up to 800 Watts CW. Available with tabs for drop in or connectors.

IPP is a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries, and offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 6 GHz. Our RF Resistors, Terminations and 90 degree Drop-in Hybrid Couplers are RoHS compliant.

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