Low Capacitance Resistors

Innovative Power Products offers Low Capacitance RF Resistors in Power Levels up to 200 Watts average. These components are used to lower the parasitic capacitance making them ideal for use in RF Power Dividers / Combiners or transistor feedback resistors. IPP’s resistors are constructed using Aluminum Nitride (AlN) ceramic, providing low thermal resistance while keeping parasitic capacitance at a minimum.

Our low capacitance resistors are available in flangeless and flanged packages. The flangeless packages are designed to be soldered directly to the heat sink for the best possible heat transfer. Flanged resistors are designed for screw-down mounting directly to heat sinks for high heat dissipation. The flanged resistors are available in single, double, and four-hole flange mounting styles.

You can Request a Sample of a product listed on the chart, by submitting a sample request form. Please note that not all products listed are available for sampling.

Additional information on each product is available by selecting the part number to view the product details or clicking on the datasheet icon to open the PDF drawing. To search for data anywhere in the chart, use the search box on the right. Click on the up and down arrows in the header to sort by that column.

View PDF DatasheetPower
(Pf, Max)
Chip Size
Flange Size
IPP-RN101LC-25300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-50300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-75300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-100300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-120300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-150300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-200300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-300300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN101LC-430300.40.04.100 X .200No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-25650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-50650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-100650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-150650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-200650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN103LC-300650.80.04.250 x .250No Flange
IPP-RN201LC-25300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-50300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-75300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-100300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-120300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-150300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-200300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-300300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN201LC-430300.40.04.100 x .200.200 x .300 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-25650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-50650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-100650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-150650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-200650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN203LC-300650.60.04.250 x .250.250 x .515 x .062
IPP-RN213LC-502002.10.05.375 X .375.375 X .975 X .110
IPP-RN213LC-1002002.10.05.375 X .375.375 X .975 X .110
Part NumberView PDF DatasheetPowerCapacitanceLead< WidthChip SizeFlange Size

This chart is a sampling of our most common products, not a complete listing, contact us for products with other specifications. Electrical and Mechanical Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current availability.

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