The IPP-1212 is an in-phase combiner-divider that combines 4 coherent input signals or divides 1 signal into 4. This combiner-divider operates from 100-500 MHz. and is rated for up to 500 watts CW of total RF power at the sum port. The IPP-1212 is produced in a 4.72 x 5.10 inch package with a type N connector on the sum port and type N connectors on the other 4 ports. This combiner/divider has an amplitude balance of less than +/- 0.2 dB, insertion loss less than 0.5 dB, phase balance of less than +/- 5 degrees, and VSWR less than 1.25:1.

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IPP offers a full line of RF Microwave in-phase power dividers and combiners in various split ratios, frequencies and power levels up to multi-kilowatts. RF power divider combiners are available in connectorized packages as well as drop-in and custom configurations. IPP Combiners / Dividers offer low loss and VSWR while providing port-port isolation through the use of IPP’s high power resistive products. These power dividers & combiners are designed to be screw down mounted to a heatsink. These products are available in narrow and broad bandwidths making them ideal for applications including, power amplifier, antenna feeds, attenuators and switches.