The IPP-7104IT is a unique, patented 90 Degree Coupler (3dB hybrid coupler) which operates from 900-1300 MHz. and has 25 to 50 ohm impedance transforming built inside the SMD coupler, making it easier for engineers to match to GaN devices. The IPP-7104IT Impedance Transforming hybrid coupler is capable of handling 200 Watts CW at the sum port and has an amplitude balance of +/- 0.5 dB, insertion loss of < 0.45 dB, isolation > 16 dB, and phase balance of +/- 5 degrees. This coupler is produced in a surface mount (SMD) package size of 0.50 x 1.00 inches and can be supplied on tape and reel.

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Unlike the typical quadrature hybrid which has the same impedance at all four ports, this new patented design provides input and isolation ports at 50 Ohms and the -3dB ports at an impedance other than 50 Ohms – for example, 25 Ohms. The impedance transformation takes place inside the coupler, thus allowing it to be used in mixed impedance systems. Our Impedance Transforming 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler Line offer low insertion loss, low VSWR and high power capability in a small package. These products are available in narrow and broadband bandwidths making them ideal for power amplifiers, power combiners/dividers, modulators, antenna feeds, attenuators, phase shifters and switches. Our innovative Impedance Transforming Coupler design was awarded a patent in 2012.