Innovative Power Products introduces our model IPP-5004, a 100 Watt surface mount 180° 2-way balun transformer that operates from 30 – 1500 MHz.

The IPP-5004 is a unique 3-port Balun that, as a divider, splits an unbalanced input signal at the sum port J1 into a balanced signal output pair at J2 and J3. The balanced signals are equal in amplitude and have a 180° phase shift between them.  As a combiner, the Balun will sum the balanced signal pair into one unbalanced output at the J1 sum port. The IPP-5004’s unbalanced impedance at the sum port J1 is 50 ohms and the unbalanced impedances at J2 and J3 are 25 ohms referenced to ground. The operating frequency is 30-1500 MHz with a power rating of 100W. The insertion loss is less than 0.60 dB, main line VSWR is less than 1.35:1, phase balance is +/- 7° and amplitude balance is +/- 0.60 dB. This Balun is produced in a small surface mount (SMD) package with a 1.10” x 1.15” footprint and is available on tape and reel to pick and place for high volume applications. The IPP-5004 is available for both military and commercial use.

In addition to IPP-5004, IPP also offers a variety of baluns:

Frequency (MHz) Power (Average Watts) Impedance (Ohms) J1 Impedance (Ohms) J2, J3
IPP-5013 2-28 100 50 25
IPP-5002 20-520 100 50 25
IPP-5016 20-520 150 50 25
IPP-5003 20-1000 100 50 25
IPP-5004 30-1500 100 50 25
IPP-5005 80-1000 100 50 25
IPP-5006 100-520 100 50 25
IPP-5001 225-2000 100 50 25
IPP-5007 500-2000 100 50 25
IPP-5008 800-2500 100 50 25

IPP is a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries, and offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 12 GHz. Our RF Resistors, Terminations and 90 degree Drop-in Hybrid Couplers are RoHS compliant.