The IPP-5004 is a 180-degree RF Balun that operates from 30 to 1500 MHz (0.03 to 1.5 GHz) with a 100 Watt average power rating. The IPP-5004’s unbalanced impedance at the sum port J1 is 50 ohms and the unbalanced impedances J2 and J3 are 25 ohms referenced to ground. The insertion loss is less than 0.6 dB, main line VSWR is less than 1.35:1, phase balance is +/- 7 degrees, and amplitude balance is +/- 0.6 dB.

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RF Baluns are a form of 3-port transformer that converts between an unbalanced signal (one signal referenced to ground) and a balanced signal (two signals referenced to each other). The balanced signals are equal in amplitude and have a 180 degree phase shift between them. A RF balun can take many forms and may include devices that also transform impedances. Single-Ended Transformers are used to connect transmission lines of differing impedances. IPP offers rf baluns for push-pull amplifiers, antenna drivers, amateur radio, commercial and military applications in frequencies ranging from 20-2500 MHz. RF Baluns can be customized for your project.