Innovative Power Products introduces their latest 90 Degree SMD Coupler that operates over the full 690 – 6000 MHz. band. Our new Model IPP-7148, handles 130 watts CW and comes in a small SMD Style package which is only 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.167 inches.

The IPP-7148 will combine two signals up to 130 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler has very good amplitude balance across the whole band and insertion loss of < 0.80 dB. The VSWR is less than 1.50:1 with greater than 16.5 dB of Isolation making them ideal for commercial, industrial or military applications.

IPP also offers other 90 Couplers, In-Phase Combiners and Directional Couplers in the same or similar frequency bands for system level requirements.

POWER (Watts) 
 IPP-7118 90 Degree 50 690-6000 SMD Package
IPP-2316 90 Degree 50 700-6000 SMA Connectors
IPP-1272 2 Way Combiner 125 700-6000 SMA / SMA Connectors
 IPP-1271 4 Way Combiner 300 700-6000 SMA / N Connectors
IPP-3216 Dual Directional 250 700-6000 N / SMA Connectors
IPP-3189 Dual Directional 400 690-6000 N / SMA Connectors

Delivery: Stock to 6 weeks ARO. For pricing or additional information, please contact the Sales Department at 631-563-0088, or email us at

IPP is a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries, and offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 12 GHz. Our RF Resistors, Terminations and 90 degree Drop-in Hybrid Couplers are RoHS compliant.