Surface Mount 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers

rb_0002_90coupler_smtThese surface mount 90 degree hybrid couplers are laminated multi-layer structures designed for mounting on top of the PC board. This technology utilizes plated through via holes underneath the coupler to transfer the heat and establish ground when soldered to the PC Board. The RF connections are on the four corners and they are connected by soldering them to the RF Traces on the PC Board. RoHS Compliant devices and tape and reel are available.

Our Surface Mount 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler Line offer low insertion loss, low VSWR and high power capability in a small package. These products are available in narrow and broadband bandwidths making them ideal for power amplifiers, power combiners/dividers, modulators antenna feeds, attenuators, switches, and phase shifter applications. Frequency Range is from 20 MHz to 12,000 MHz in power levels up to 400 Watts.

You can Request a Sample of a product listed on the chart, by submitting a sample request form. Please note that not all products listed are available for sampling.

Additional information on each product is available by selecting the part number to view the product details or clicking on the datasheet icon to open the PDF drawing. To search for data anywhere in the chart, use the search box on the right. Click on the up and down arrows in the header to sort by that column.

View PDF DatasheetLow Frequency
High Frequency
(Average Watts)
(± dB)
(± Deg)
(dB, Max)
(dB, Min)
IPP-7171201000251.35:10.75121171.20 x 1.50
IPP-706830882001.35:1170.5315.50.75 x 2.00
IPP-71818010002001.40:11.2070.90151.00 x 1.75
IPP-7064881082001.30:10.3550.45170.75 x 2.00
IPP-70571005203001.30:10.870.6160.75 x 2.00
IPP-70301301802501.25:10.2550.25201.00 x 1.00
IPP-70841762202001.30:10.450.45170.75 x 2.00
IPP-701220010001501.30:10.850.6160.75 x 2.00
IPP-70542254502001.25:10.550.25200.50 x 1.26
IPP-70942254501501.25:10.4550.3180.50 x 1.00
IPP-711622520002001.30:1150.8171.13 x 1.47
IPP-70612803302001.27:10.2550.25180.50 x 1.00
IPP-70222956053001.27:10.6550.25180.50 x 1.00
IPP-71373805202001.25:10.430.318.48 x .65
IPP-705640010001501.25:10.6550.25180.50 x 1.00
IPP-71304005003501.15:10.2230.2251.00 x 1.00
IPP-704650010002001.25:10.5550.25180.48 x 0.65
IPP-71465002500501.35:10.8550.6160.50 x 1.00
IPP-701750025001001.30:10.6550.5180.50 x 1.80
IPP-714750025003501.43:10.860.55160.80 x 1.80
IPP-712150030002001.40:10.850.614.50.50 x 1.80
IPP-703250030001001.30:10.850.6180.50 x 1.80
IPP-716450060001001.70:11.781.25130.50 x 1.80
IPP-704059513002001.25:10.6550.25180.50 x 1.00
IPP-709560016001501.25:10.8550.25190.38 x 1.40
IPP-71186906000501.40:10.970.8150.50 x 1.00
IPP-714869060001301.50:10.9100.8150.50 x 1.00
IPP-712470042001501.50:10.8550.65130.20 x 1.80
IPP-715570032001001.30:10.5550.518.40 x 1.80
IPP-70807409602251.12:10.320.225.48 x .65
IPP-705280010002251.25:10.350.2200.48 x 0.65
IPP-705380010003001.25:10.350.15200.50 x 1.00
IPP-704880016002001.25:10.5550.25190.25 x 0.85
IPP-705980022001501.30:10.850.25180.35 x 0.56
IPP-707780025001501.25:11.150.25180.35 x 0.56
IPP-701080025002001.30:10.650.5180.40 x 1.80
IPP-701380027002001.35:10.6550.5170.40 x 1.80
IPP-706380038001001.30:10.6550.5180.40 x 1.80
IPP-706680045001251.35:10.850.65150.20 x 1.80
IPP-716690017004001.30:10.550.2517.50 x 100
IPP-701696012202001.25:10.2550.25200.35 x 0.56
IPP-710896012203001.25:10.230.2200.50 x 1.00
IPP-7047100020001501.25:10.5550.25200.35 x 0.56
IPP-7055100025001501.25:10.750.25190.35 x 0.56
IPP-7109100030004001.30:11.160.25170.50 x 1.00
IPP-701510004200801.30:10.650.5180.40 x 1.80
IPP-712010004200901.35:10.750.5160.50 x 0.90
IPP-702610006000501.40:10.850.75150.20 x 1.65
IPP-7087100060001001.35:10.850.7515.20 x 1.65
IPP-7168100030002001.30:11.150.2516.35 x .56
IPP-7134120014002501.30:10.250.2520.35 x .56
IPP-7009140017002001.25:10.3550.2200.48 x 0.65
IPP-7045150027501501.25:10.4550.25200.25 x 0.85
IPP-7076165022502501.30:10.350.25180.50 x 1.00
IPP-7036170022001501.25:10.450.25200.35 x 0.56
IPP-7007170027002001.30:10.650.25150.35 x 0.56
IPP-7050193019901501.20:10.250.2200.35 x 0.56
IPP-7051193019903001.25:10.2550.15200.50 x 1.00
IPP-7018200040001001.31:10.550.35180.35 x 0.56
IPP-7006200060001001.30:1150.27180.20 x 0.56
IPP-7028200060001501.30:1150.25150.20 x 0.56
IPP-7111200060002501.30:11.450.25170.35 x 0.56
IPP-7043200068001001.30:11.2550.3170.20 x 0.56
IPP-709320008000501.40:10.6580.8150.20 x 1.21
IPP-7150200060001501.30:10.460.4171.25 x 0.20
IPP-7085200023003001.20:10.330.1520.50 x 1.00
IPP-7136200065003001.30:11.6550.2517.35 x .56
IPP-7183240025006001.22:10.340.15200.35 x 0.56
IPP-7004250060001001.30:10.7550.3180.20 x 0.56
IPP-7031260061001001.30:10.7550.3180.20 x 0.56
IPP-7019270031003001.30:10.350.3180.50 x 1.00
IPP-7074270035003001.30:10.2550.2180.50 x 1.00
IPP-7075270035002001.25:10.250.25200.35 x 0.56
IPP-7132270035004001.30:10.350.317.50 x 1.00
IPP-7151300090001001.35:1170.316.20 x .40
IPP-7133400060001001.30:10.4550.25180.20 x 0.56
IPP-703940008000751.30:10.660.3170.20 x 0.40
IPP-7156510059003001.35:10.2560.415.50 x 100
IPP-7044600085001001.30:10.3560.4170.20 x 0.40
IPP-7114600012000501.35:10.760.45160.20 x 0.25
IPP-71536000120001001.40:10.760.4160.20 x 0.25
IPP-7020700080001251.30:10.3550.3170.20 x 0.40
IPP-71457500105001201.35:10.5060.3170.20 x 0.40
IPP-7112800012000501.35:10.5560.3170.20 x 0.25
IPP-7119900010000501.35:10.560.2817.20 x .25
Part NumberView PDF DatasheetLow FrequencyHigh FrequencyPowerVSWRAmplitudePhaseLossIsolationSize

This chart is a sampling of our most common products, not a complete listing, contact us for products with other specifications.  Electrical and Mechanical Specifications subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current availability.

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